Photo of Asha, the henna artist that is Empress Henna

Empress Henna, created by Asha Rani, was inspired by Asha's love of henna. Asha was raised within the Indian culture and started practicing the art of henna at age 11 after being given a leftover henna cone at her cousin's wedding. Fascinated by the wonders of henna, Asha fell in love with the traditional art form and practiced constantly. Having studied Fine Arts at the University of Western Ontario, Asha already had a very artistic background that she would use to create beautifully intricate henna designs. For many years, these designs were simply for friends and family - until Empress Henna was born. Empress Henna is committed to spreading the joy and beauty of henna to all.

Asha has worked as a henna artist for different festivals and charity events, while also doing bridal henna and custom tattoos for clients. She has nearly 20 years of experience and is ICNHA certified and makes her own henna to ensure its quality and safety by using only natural ingredients. Her work is clean and precise, and her unique designs make the experience as personal and enjoyable as possible. Henna is Asha's passion and she can't wait to share it with you!