Henna Candles


Perfect for Diwali or the holidays, these hand-painted candles will light up the room - literally! Each candle is carefully painted by hand over several hours with a beautifully intricate design, finished off with rhinestones, sealed, and wrapped in cellophane so they are ready to gift! These candles can be purchase pre-made, or customized just the way you like - select the size, colour, design and area painted to create the perfect candle for you!

Please note custom candles are made-to-order and take 5-7 days. Available for pickup or delivery within London, ON.

Please be safe with your candle! Use at your own risk, and burn within sight. Keep away from children, pets, or anything that catches fire. Note that though the designs are sealed, candles are soft and can still be damaged. Be careful with your candle and avoid any type of force or pressure that may damage the candle or its design.

Diameter: 2 3/4"

Height: Small (3 1/4"), Medium (4 1/4"), Large (6 1/4")

Henna Kits


Exclusively throughout the holiday season, we are happy to offer holiday henna kits! These kits are perfect for spreading the joy of henna to the ones you love, or trying it out yourself. Kits also come pre-wrapped so they are ready to gift!

Each kit includes:

  • 2 fresh 100% natural henna cones
  • Designs for copying or practicing
  • Miniature spray bottle containing sealant spray
  • Instructions on how to use, and care for, your henna

Holiday Henna Kits are currently unavailable for the 2021 holiday season. Please check back in 2022!

Box colour may vary